A BIG Secret

Want to hear a secret?  A BIG one?

We’re moving to the UK!

We can’t tell anyone yet, as it’s not settled (nothing in life is guaranteed) – and we have LOTS of work to do to make this dream come true – BUT we have decided.  And deciding to make a change is the very first step.

After that it’s all about “just keep swimming” (a la Dory!)

Background:  My husband, “The Dad” was born in England.  His family emigrated to Canada way back in the day (70’s).  We’re both thankful that they did, otherwise we’d never have met!  BUT he’s always felt like a big piece of who he is was lost in moving.  You see, his parent’s moved here with just him and his little sister.  There was no family here waiting to receive him, everyone is still back in the UK. He grew up visiting, but disconnected enough that at a party in 2010 for his grandmother’s 100th birthday, the cousins didn’t even realise that HE should be included in the “grandkids” picture that they were taking.  They all love him, but weren’t exactly sure where he “fit” in the family tree.  That really bothered my husband.

I, “The Mom”, was born in Canada of a British dad and a Canadian mom.  My dad’s parent’s did pretty much the same as my husband’s parents – only about 25 years earlier.  Same deal, only ones over,  no family to speak of waiting to welcome them.  So I grew up with little to no family around me on my dad’s side.  When I was around seven, my father returned to England to say goodbye to his dad (who had moved back to the UK a few years before )who was dying of cancer.  When my dad came back, he brought with him goodies, including books, about England and life there.  I wore my book out – pouring over the pages, dreaming of someday moving there myself.  Then I grew up, got married to an englishman (with no accent, sad to say *grin*), and settled down to “normal life” – figuring my Hunny was the closest I’d ever get to my dreamland.

Fast forward to 2010 – that birthday?  Yes, we travelled over the pond to be there to celebrate.  And for the first time in my life, I felt I FIT IN.  This was really “home” to me.  I completely loved every second of my time there (ok, not ever second, I did have to spend an afternoon in London, which imho is the worst place on earth – but the rest of England was my heart’s desire.)  My husband was peaceful, JOYful… and for the first time in our lives (we met at 16, this was at 39) I saw my husband TRULY happy.  He relaxed.  My husband NEVER relaxes.  Okay… it’s a vacation – of course he was relaxed… but you see, it started a longing inside us both.  Not to go back for a vacation, but a dream to actually live our lives in this beautiful country.  We came back homesick for the UK.

Now, we don’t have rose-coloured glasses on.  We realise that all countries have their issues.  Canada does, the UK does.  We started looking at what WE wanted in way of a life, and what our “Quality of Life” would in both countries.

This blog with be about how we answered that question (not what we answered, as you can probably already figure out that we have made the decision to move already), what factors influenced our decision, what answers we doubts we had and how we resolved them, our plan of action, and links to the various resources we’ve found and steps we had to take to make this dream come true.

Come along for the ride!

PS. Our move is planned for October 2014 – a year and a half away… there’s just so much to do, and rushing things is a recipe for disaster!

(we are blogging our journey so that other’s can find this and hopefully it will help them if they choose to hop the pond too!)

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