Nervous Anticipation

We haven’t told anyone yet, as I mentioned, that we are moving to the UK.  But I already have butterflies in my gut over telling family and friends.  I know what they are going to say:

WHY would you move THERE?

What about the crime, the high costs of living, the terrorism, the political mess, etc!!!???

Well, yes.  But we have that here too.  I guess it’s what you look at in life that makes you happy.  Though my husband is an avid news reader, he’s also good at taking a lot of it with a grain (or bucket?) of salt.  I’m not so good at that.  When I read the news I absorb it all and get panicked.  So I don’t read it.  Not “head in the sand”, rather CHOOSING what to focus my energy on.

I choose my children, homeschooling, our business, our family/friends, our church, books, music, movies, our pets… I choose to focus on what I love, rather than stories that are strategically designed to bring me down.  And what is not designed to that they’ve labelled a “fluff piece” as if the GOOD in the world doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.  Really??

Anyhow, on the BE forum, I stumbled on this woman’s blog (Finger Rolls and Folding Chairs) and she linked to a youtube video that I thought was kind of funny.  So I thought I’d share it too.  Enjoy!

I guess those butterflies won’t go away anytime soon, so I’d better get used to them. Maybe I’ll name them.

After all, as of today, I have about 503 days to go before we move.  We should be VERY close friends by then, my butterflies and me.

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