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I’m keeping this blog for a purpose.  Not just to bless others who later on might benefit from the research and journey we’ve made, but because (again, as I mentioned) it’s a Great Big Secret.  One day, in about a YEAR, we’ll be telling family and friends that we are moving (see that ticker over there —-> that’s gonna be around “6 months to go” before we share the good news.)  We know that there is a good chance it will not be well-received by our parents.  They will think this is all a whim and we’ve just thought of it and are making a hasty decision we’ll regret at leisure in a country that has no future for us.

You see, they all CHOSE to move to Canada.  Well, not exactly, my dad was brought over by his parents when he was a small child – that’s how I’m eligible to return as a British Citizen by Descent – but that’s not here nor there.  Our plans, by deciding to move to the UK, will be (in their eyes) saying that we think they made a poor decision all those years ago.  We’re not.  We’re hoping that this blog will settle these issues:

  1. We have been planning this a lot longer than they will think we have – going into this Eyes Wide Open.
  2. We are doing this for US, not as a family political statement about the decisions they made in their youth.
  3. We are very excited, and hope they won’t be all negative and sour grapes about us realising OUR dream to live in the UK.

Now, it might be a lot to ask, but at least with this blog running, we know that we are giving them a chance to look back on this year (from the future when we tell them all) and see that this indeed has been a journey… planned, thought out, and greatly anticipated.

If you’ve planned a big journey to another country, what did YOUR loved ones say when you shared the good news?

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2 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. I’m so jealous, I hope you post all about it.

    • I know – right now it’s “so far off” that *I* am jealous of me too! LOL! I think as it gets closer, it’ll be more of a reality. I plan to keep this going and pretty active – and when we’ve hopped the pond, maybe I’ll keep it going to inspire others to do the same. I was just thinking of a “my top 10 reasons to move” type post, as we’ve been discussing so much of why we want to do this.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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