He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

When my husband texted me and told me that I’d be eligible for a “British by Decent” passport – and all the privileges of British Citizenship, I have to say I was “gobsmacked”!  First, I didn’t know he was even looking into that.  It was this little “dream a little dream” thing of ours, but never something we’d looked into formally or in any great length.  But as the reality sunk in – so did the excitement.

My husband and I (as I think I’ve mentioned before) travelled to the UK, specifically Derby, in 2010 for his grandmother’s 100th birthday celebration and had a wonderful time.  For the first time in my life, I felt like I “fit in”.  The lifestyle in the UK (with the exception of a brief overnighter in London) was so familiar to me.  The UK felt like I was slipping into some comfortable clothes… I felt “Ahhhhh….”

But our move is still months away… so in the meantime, I thought it would be kind of fun to make a “meme” of sorts with my husband and me about our Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK.

Here’s our NUMBER TEN (we’ll do it countdown style):


The green-ness of it.  Here in Canada, half of the year everything is dead.  Over there  you get two maybe three months of really dead time, but by the end of February things are starting to show signs of life again.


The Transit System – there is no real need to own a car in most of the UK, thus eliminating the costs and responsibilities of vehicle ownership.  I love that you can get on a train or bus in one city and make your way around almost the entire island without too much difficulty.  A car is a convenience, NOT a necessity.  Here in Canada, there is NO way you can get by without a car – there are no busses where we live, my husband has to drive 35 minutes on the highway to get to work each day (and then home again afterwards), insurance is expensive, gas (petrol) is probably cheaper than the UK but has still risen a GREAT deal in the past 5 years, and then there are repairs to make… always repairs.  Trains and Busses are music to my ears!

Continued next week…

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