Paperwork Already?!

Though it looks like we have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to do this… believe it or not, there is a timetable that seems rather tight. I have no idea how people do this on shorter notice.  Now, I suppose you could say that some of our plan is our own fault, but we want to be responsible!

Our (flexible) plan:

Summer 2013 – get paperwork ready for applying for passports.  Needed:

  • pondhopper’s mother’s death certificate from Ontario (to prove her right to apply for her parents’ marriage certificate) RECEIVED in JUNE 2013
  • pondhopper’s parents’ marriage certificate from Alberta WAITING TO ORDER ORDERED AND RECEIVED
  • and recently discovered, pondhopper has no birth certificate herself. So, add that to the list, from Quebec. *fun, fun* ORDERED in JUNE 2013 RECEIVED
  • pondhoppers father’s birth certificate from UK ORDERED in MAY 2013 RECEIVED
  • Hold a BIG yard/garage sale to kick off the funds AND the purging process.  This will make it more Real. STILL TO DO

Autumn 2013 – apply for pondhopper’s UK passport first.  If that works, apply for tratcliffe71’s, and the four children’s through tratcliffe71’s lineage.  Plan what house repairs we’re going to do, and what we’re going to leave… just little things like painting, flooring, etc.  nothing overwhelming.

Winter 2014 (after Christmas) – start house repairs and continue purging of Stuff.  This, we expect, will take till early Spring.

Spring 2014 – get dog and cat microchipped & vaccinated (two separate appointments just to be certain!) and get dog spayed (not required, but who needs the threat of puppies at this point in time, right?).  Continue purging, plan for large yard/garage sale for early June.  List house in May or June – hoping to have the closing date coincide with a moving date, if at all possible.

Summer 2014 – start working out arrival details (like dates, possibly getting someone over the pond to rent us a cottage for a couple months after our arrival, finishing up purge and bringing everything unsold to second hand shops, and spending as much time seeing family and friends as possible before we leave.

Autumn 2014 – the Big Move.  Planned for mid-October, but being completely flexible on dates at this point.


The Kitty Who Won’t Be British.

Lots to do!  And in all this, we’ll be hosting  a year-long exchange student from Europe (how cool is it that we’ll be following her home when she leaves! LOL!) and our oldest daughter will be doing a year of high school (grade 12 to get her diploma – we homeschool, so this is new, but she was concerned about explaining stuff when she gets there, so this way she can just be a “high school grad” on paper official-like.)  AND we need to find a home for one of our kitties (sorry, kindly understand, this is a hard decision but we DO actually know what’s best for us and our kitty.)… so that’s going to be a busy 16 months!

I know that this time next year I’ll be panicking and wondering WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?  So that’s a little why I’m posting this now, I’ll be able to look back and say, “oh… right.

And I should mention… this has NOTHING on it about the paperwork and stuff at the other side of the pond.  Just this side… that’s a whole other post! LOL!

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