What about the kids?

That honestly is the biggest concern I have about moving to the UK. We have four children, ages 19, 17, 10, and 8 (as of October 2013) and though obviously we’ll be taking the two younger children, we have concerns about what will happen with the older two children.

ev small pic

Our older son will be turning 21 not long after we make this move.  He’d applied at 18 to serve in the armed forces, but had not yet heard anything back from there (despite having passed the physical, interview, and aptitude testing – he has been waiting since April 2012 as to a job offer) – so he started college, just a general arts & science program (no big commitment as he was holding out for the military.) It weighed heavily on us for his future… we counselled him to maybe put the military off the table and instead to take a proper two year diploma course at college, figuring that at least then he’d have a piece of paper that would make him more employable.  Even that concerned us, after all, he’d be finishing up school just 5 months after we would be moving away – where would he go if he didn’t have a job right away?  Who would he live with?  What would he eat? (Mama Bear concerns)

Well, he was just on the verge of calling the military to ask them to close his file, when lo and behold – yesterday he got The Call.

Yes, my son has accepted an offer for a FOUR YEAR contract to be fully trained and employed by the Canadian Forces as an Army Communication and Information Systems Specialist.  How awesome a timing is that?  When does he start, you ask?  In a MONTH!  So, it means that he’ll be finished his training before we leave, but still have a nice long contract with a great salary and benefits to keep him sheltered, clothed, and fed!  Mama Bear is happy. 

At this point our older daughter, who will be turning 19 days after our proposed move date and who has been homeschooled (or home educated as they say in the UK) up to this point, has decided that she would be best served to go to the public school for her last year of school so that she can get that “magic” piece of paper that says she is properly educated at the secondary level.  I don’t think she plans on going to university or college right off, I think she’s interested in going into the military herself – whether Canadian or British she hasn’t decided just yet.  I think she’d be eligible to apply to the British Armed Forces as a “Brit by Descent”, but we might need to look into that a bit more.

Our Littles (as we call the younger two children) are eager to move to the UK.  They dream of adventures and castles, of curly wurlys and cornish pasties.  As they are Home Educated, it won’t interfere with their lessons, in fact, we can direct our lesson to complement the journey we are making.  They are also quite used to keeping in touch with family and friends around the world using Skype (what a generation to grow up in, eh? So blessed… it’s a “small world after all” to be sure!)

Yep, I feel like things are definitely falling into place for our move.  It’s still obviously a long way off… but all those ducks are lining up very nicely in their pretty little row.

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