Doctor… who?

Okay, I’ve just had an experience that cements in me that I we need to move to the UK.

It all started in the grocery store last night…  We (my 17 year old daughter and I) were at the cash waiting to pay for our groceries when this guy walks by and my daughter whispers to me, “did you see his SHIRT?!”  I look, but at this point he’s past me… so I keep rubber necking until he turns around and he’s wearing:


Ya.  I know!

By this point he’s wandered off to do his shopping, so we continue putting our groceries on the conveyor belt (we’re a family of six, don’t forget – this part takes a while)… when I get to the cashier I say, “did you see that guys shirt?” (because I’m the type who talks to the cashiers at the grocery store).  She smiles and says, “no, what was it?”

And this is where it gets odd.

I describe the t-shirt.  “It’s  a Doctor Who shirt, but it’s one of those KEEP CALM and CARRY ON styles, only with a bowtie at the top and it says BOW TIES are COOL.”  She smiles.  I say, “do you like Doctor Who?” She says, “oh yes!” So I continue, “I wish I could have asked him where he got it, I’d love to get one for my son” “Oh, he likes Doctor Who?” Nodding, I reply, “oh yes, it’s pretty much a requirement for membership into our family! (joking of course, after all, I keep my Hunny and he’s not a fan… yet.)”

She smiles again and says, “My mom loves it too… she bought that book, you know… Oh The Places You Will Go, it was pretty good.”

*blink, blink*

Ya… I didn’t even know how to respond.  Luckily my teenage daughter didn’t hear that last comment, or she’d have facepalmed her and said something incredibly sarcastic – I know *I* sure wanted to!  I paid for my groceries, biting my tongue the whole time, left the store and as soon as the doors closed behind me BURST OUT LAUGHING!

My daughter was desperate to know what was making me laugh so hard I could hardly breathe.  When I told her she stopped dead in her tracks and just stared at me.  “You’re serious.”

Oh yes, my dearest…


I need to move to the UK because I NEED to live somewhere where NO ONE in their right mind would mix up Doctor Who for Doctor Seuss… Ever.  And after this, I’m thinking of moving to Cardiff… near my Doctor.

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4 thoughts on “Doctor… who?

  1. Brian Orledge

    Perhaps the cashier, not hugely familiar with your accent, simply misheard.

  2. I had a similar experience. Our local Ten Thousand Villages expanded to twice its previous size, but the frontage was the same. I walked in, saw it was much bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside, and exclaimed. “Wow, it’s the Tardis”. Which I regretted, since I had to spend five minutes explaining what I meant to the bemused women serving, neither of whom had heard of the programme.

    • That’s HILARIOUS! I love it! A TARDIS store… LOL! Good for you for educating her – I think I probably would do if the cashier had said she didn’t know who Doctor Who was, but to mix him up with another .. I was … gobsmacked. LOL!

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