He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

Reason number SEVEN:

He Said:

The way of  life.  Not so much slower paced, but more comfortably paced.  It’s typical to pop by the pub and have a pint with some friends.  It’s more common to walk, greet your neighbours (okay, maybe not in London central), or put a kettle on for a cuppa tea.  The village life. We live in a small village here, and though it suits us, a UK village would suit more.

She Said:

Sweets?  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the sweets – cheaper and BETTER than anything you can get in Canada!  Flake bars, Curly Wurlys, Bakewell Tarts, oh my!  I’ll have to be VERY careful moving there that my waistline doesn’t expand any more than it already has… the sweets are just incredible, and SO inexpensive!

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