On Learning to Speak

SO… one of my little concerns about moving over the pond is about being able to be understood.  You see, though English is spoken in both Canada and the UK – and though I am not concerned about spelling since we use British spelling here in Canada, unlike our neighboUrs to the south – I am a little worried about vocabulary.

Maybe it’s the homeschool mom in me, but I feel this incredible urge to do some schooling on British Vocabulary before we get over the pond… mainly so that the kids don’t have complete culture shock when we get there.  My Bigs have already been to the UK – they went in  2010 – a few months before my Hunny and I went – but the Littles have never been.  They don’t know what to expect.

Hunny enjoying a '99 Flake' ice cream - YUMMY!

Hunny enjoying a ’99 Flake’ ice cream – YUMMY!

With that in mind, we’ve been trying to introduce vocabulary to them… like crisps instead of fries CHIPS (thank you to Steve for pointing out my oopsie – I was thinking chips and fries, and crisps and chips – but I think I got all confoozled with the vocabulary! LOL!), lorries instead of trucks, and bangers’n’mash instead of sausages and mashed potatoes.  But because I don’t know all the different words that will be different, I went searching.  Now, for the G-rated crowd, I do NOT suggest googling this with small reading children around… there are a lot of “vocabulary lists” that include some rather inappropriate words or phrases.  EEK!

So, for your convenience, I am including a nifty-doodle website that I FINALLY found that has appropriate lists of words, AND a whole lot more information if you pop around it a bit.  I’m going to explore it later with my Littles – it might start getting them excited about our move next year.

We’ve also been trying to make a few more “traditional” dishes around here, just so that there isn’t Food Shock when we get their either… so if anyone knows a great shortcrust recipe in North American measurements, I’d be very grateful!  Every recipe I find seems to measure things by weight – how will I ever learn to cook?! *grin*

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One thought on “On Learning to Speak

  1. Although you can buy fries from fast food restaurants, they aren’t as tasty (or as thick) as Britsh chips – lovely with battered fish! Just a slight correction, potato chips are known as crisps here. Don’t worry you’ll soon get the hang of it.

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