Dreams and Reality

I am a very blessed wife.  I have a husband who loves me, and dreams with me… but what’s best about my Hunny?  He listens to me and takes my input when working out how to make our dreams a reality.

The other night, after the kids were asleep, we lay in bed till the wee hours just talking through silly little details.  The move is still 15 months away, but we worked out how logistically we would get our stuff over the pond.  A little early to be worrying about that? Not for me… I have a little bit of an OCD streak, and for me it’s about planning.  Plans left open-ended make me crazy, spiraling around in my brain till I can’t sleep, can’t eat (not always a bad thing, but I digress), can’t think!

We also laid out a loose-ish plan for getting the house ready to list, as we’d like to list it next Spring.  We want to make sure we get as much in profit as humanly possible for our house, so that we have as much of a safety net as possibly when we arrive over the pond.  It’s not a lot of stuff – this house is thankfully quite lovely… but there are some small things and some freshening up things.

Wouldn't this be great?!

Wouldn’t this be great?!
Saw it in Montreal last summer …
Expensive though! 🙂

We also have an exchange student coming for a whole school year, so much of that stuff would be best gotten out of the way this summer rather than wait till we are working around another person.   Painting rooms and the likes – but honestly, what colours “sell”?  I have no idea!  I’ve only ever painted things for my pleasure – not with the foreknowledge that it is to be pleasing to the eyes of someone else…

It’s funny though, I’ve never felt settled in this house.  We’ve been here four years – and I’ve spent four years feeling out-of-place in my own home.  I pray that wherever we go in the UK, my heart will settle in.  It’ll be a little strange to be sure as we plan to buy all our furniture new when we get there – but it could also be a great opportunity to have a fresh start.

IKEA is great, isn’t it?  I know, it’s not top-quality stuff… but I’ve had lots of IKEA over the years, and it tends to last longer than the Walmart stuff – or the second hand stuff we get on Kijiji.  It also affords us to be intentional in our furnishing.  Just as leaving here with only 5 larger checked, 5 smaller carry-on, and 5 backpacks (two of which will be child sized so my poor Littles don’t topple over backwards!) will force us to be intentional in our purging.  If it don’t fit, it don’t come – and that includes the books!

Everything else is up for sale.

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One thought on “Dreams and Reality

  1. I’m sure you’ll feel very welcome when you move to the U.K. This sounds such an interesting story. Best of luck! Steve

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