He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

Reason number FIVE:

He Said:

To be able to live and work in English – without all the French language laws.  To be able to expect and receive service in ENGLISH when I walk into a shop or restaurant.  

She Said:

The history – the UK is just jam-packed with history!  Being a bit of a British history buff, this part of living there almost makes me giddy with anticipation!  When we were visiting there we couldn’t go anywhere without seeing something that pre-dated anything man-made in Canada.  Really.  I mean, at the cathedral in Derby alone there were thousand year old memorials!  A THOUSAND YEARS.  In Bath (probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my whole life) there were relics that were TWO thousand years old.  Those tummy butterflies were all over the place!  Did you know in Bath there is a bridge that is lined with tiny, narrow shops?  And Sally Lunn buns?  Don’t even get me started… and that too is hundreds of years old! (not the buns, but the shop… *wink*)

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