How You See The World

I guess we should have expected it.  Bubble Bursters Anonymous has come a-callin’.  We have met a lovely couple from the UK, who are in the process of moving to the US (from the UK recently, through Canada and now on to the US that is.) – absolutely wonderful family, so blessed to know them.  But the husband is big on tellin’ it how bad it is in the UK.  They don’t know we’re planning to move there.

And at summer camp, my daughter (on staff) is in charge of a young man who’s family also came to Canada recently (few years ago I think) from the UK – he’s putting doubts like mad into her head.  All about how living in the UK is synonymous with living in poverty.

Time for a REALITY check.

On average, groceries (you know… FOOD) is cheaper.

On average, rent is about equal to the main cities in Canada (cheaper than in some of the bigger ones like Vancouver and Toronto).

On average, petrol is more expensive – but we knew that.

On average, the bus system is more accessible.  Most of Canada is NOT serviced by busses, including out neck’o’the’woods.

On AVERAGE – there is a LOT more available to explore (most of Canada is 1. too far or 2. boring and too new to have history worth exploring).

I guess it’s what you are looking for, right?  When we were in the UK, we didn’t find the restaurants to be more expensive – maybe it’s just the type of restaurants we’re comfortable in.  We don’t really party/drink – so that wasn’t an expense we figured into our budget.  We don’t go to movies/sporting events/theatres/etc… so that wasn’t something we figured into our budget.  If we do that, it’ll be something we’d do for an anniversary evening – so one a year or less.  We don’t wear expensive clothes, ever.  And we are quite happy with hand-me-downs, and as my children have lived in them their whole lives, it’s their “normal” too (they don’t attend public school, so they have the freedom to dress as they wish).

I’m thinking cost-wise, with no debt, we should be fine.  Depending on the employment my husband gets that is.  But even that… we are entrepreneurs, and are always taking advantage of business opportunities to add to our income.  I think we’ll be okay.

Are my glasses rose-tinted?  I honestly don’t think so.  I think there is work for those who want to work.  I think there is a way to live without all the luxuries others find necessary.  I think a family can exist without TV, cellphones, iThings, “take-out”, and the latest fashions.  I think what makes us happy  is not the stuff we have but the people we hold dear… for us that is our family.

What do you think?  Are my glasses tinted?

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2 thoughts on “How You See The World

  1. It’s good to get a range of opinions. I would imagine that people who have moved away from the UK weren’t too happy there, otherwise they wouldn’t have moved away! Realistically, there will be pros and cons in any move, so it’s good to do your research.


    Now this is an interesting add on to my post! Apparently it’s more expensive to live in Canada. Makes sense. A lower income can get by well in the UK – here we struggle to get by on thousands more a year than we expect to make in the UK. Can’t wait – 15 months to go (almost 14!)

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