He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

Reason number THREE:

He Said:

To get to know my UK family better, especially to spend time with my Nan (who celebrated her 103rd birthday on the 18th) if she’s still around when we get there.  I feel like I lost so much of my heritage growing up because I wasn’t there to be part of the family.

She Said:

The weather – yes, the weather.  You see, me?  I burn.  Badly.  I also don’t do so well in the extreme cold – last winter we had days where the temperature dipped to -40C with windchill.  I can’t do that.  I mean, I do… but I pretty much don’t leave the house and even in the house you’ll find me curled into a fetal position sobbing.  I hate extreme weather.  Summers where we live can reach upwards of 35C and heavily humid.  I think that much fluctuation can actually age a person prematurely.  I am actually looking forward to grey, mild days… summer days where you aren’t squinting and sweating buckets, and winter days when you aren’t terrified to step out your door because the bitter cold takes your breath away.  And don’t even get me started on the snow!  The UK has some of the best weather on the planet, it’s just unfortunate that the cup-half-empty crowd predominates public opinion.

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