Our Ongoing To Do List

This will be a bit of a repeat for some readers – I copied the core of it from a previous post.  I want to link it on the side and keep updating it, and I find it too much to keep hunting it down. *I guess I”m lazy like that*

Our (flexible) plan:

Summer 2013 – get paperwork ready for applying for passports.  Needed:

  • pondhopper’s mother’s death certificate from Ontario (to prove her right to apply for her parents’ marriage certificate) RECEIVED 
  • pondhopper’s parents’ marriage certificate from Alberta RECEIVED
  • and recently discovered, pondhopper has no birth certificate herself. So, add that to the list, from Quebec.  RECEIVED
  • pondhoppers father’s birth certificate from UK  RECEIVED


  • Apply for passports – APPLIED May 28, 2014
  • Plan what house repairs we’re going to do, and what we’re going to leave
    • Finish walls (patching, painting, etc)
    • replace flooring in one bedroom not changing it.
    • window in kitchen door ORDERED & ARRIVES JUNE 3RD.
    • painting of all bedrooms to freshen them up. Ya right… LOL!
  • Decide what we are doing with pets – DECIDED:
    • Dog is coming, Old Cat is staying (still waiting to see how he’s doing medically), Young Cat (7 years old) rehoming.
  • List house in Spring  – late Spring this year, listing week of June 1st.  Spoken to Realtor already.

Summer 2014

  • Sell house.
  • PURGE LIKE CRAZY (already started)
  • Take the rest of it as it rolls…

Dead Slow HOOT

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