He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

Reason number TWO:

He Said:

To get away from Canadian winters – especially from shovelling all that snow!  It seems as I’ve gotten older (I’m only in my 40’s) that every year it wears me down more and more to be shovelling snow almost every day for half the year.  Canadian winters age people.

She Said:

Travel Options – I live about an hour and a half drive from both Ottawa and Montreal.  Sounds great right?  But that’s ALL I”m close to.  Toronto?  5 hours drive.  And the rest of this wonderful country of Canada?  Oh, don’t even ask.  It’s about Quality vs. Quantity.  There is a LOT of Quantity here in Canada – open space, big houses, long distances… but I prefer Quality – close comforts, cozy houses, short travel distances.  And short distances mean we can hop a train and travel within a couple of hours to completely different area with a whole different historical experience to discover.  We can take a weekend trip and visit BATH, or LONDON, or even SCOTLAND… that’s just too much!  I found it funny when I was in the UK that people were panicked over someone living “half an hour away” – and maybe my Canadian upbringing will be my biggest blessing living over the pond.  I have a different perspective on distance.  Derby to Manchester is barely a weekend trip – it could even be a DAY trip!  Not every week, but yes, you could pop over on the train spend the day touring and then pop back on the late train.  Why not?  Travel is going to be my “next best thing”.

Are you wondering what our NUMBER ONE REASON for moving the UK is?  Tune in NEXT week!! 🙂

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