The Sound of Silence

Where’d we go???

We’re here.  Just been super busy with summer stuff and the kids and just plain old Life.  But we’re still here.  Still in the planning… (and please excuse the rambling nature of the following post… it’s kind of a “make up” post of everything that’s been going round in my head)

What is on our minds of late?

Our Budget.  Not our budget that will be, but our budget that is.  Canada is expensive!  I know people have this idea in their heads that Canada is so cheap, the Land of Plenty… ya.  It is.  Plenty of debt, plenty of bills, plenty of taxes and “extras” like expensive insurances, registrations, medications, medical “fees”.  I know, there are taxes everywhere… so it’s not just that.

I just can’t make sense of why people in the UK come here.  I’ve been pondering that a lot of late.  Why would you leave some place with heritage oozing out of every wall and door to live in a place devoid of real culture and history?  Yes, there’s some pretty varied food opportunities in the more metropolitan areas, and yes, we are a multi-cultural country (if you think you have any rights even though you speak one of the two “official” languages as your mother tongue, think again!! Only minorities have rights – and those who yell the loudest!)

In the UK, yes, there are a lot of other cultures joining that GREAT country – but in reality, the culture and history, is so richly ENGLISH, SCOTTISH, and WELSH.  C’mon… how awesome is that?  The countryside (for all the moaning about being so crowded and all) is gorgeous and green.  Though there are mosquitoes and biting insects, they are FAR fewer than anything you’ll see over on this side of the pond, let me promise you that too.  Food is cheaper for better quality and you can buy RAW MILK!  Seriously, my friends who are dairy farmers here in Canada can’t even GIVE me raw milk – it’s against the law.  ?!?!?!  Government control over every little aspect of our lives, and Canadians are notoriously passive – letting their governments just decide their lives for them without a fight.  So, when a lobby group goes to parliament and starts ranting and raving – they generally get their way with no regard to what the majority might really wish for their country.  At least people are more involved in the politics (though the poor government in the England can’t win no matter what they do on certain matters such as immigration crackdowns.)  Statistically more people bother to vote in the UK than in Canada.  Our right to vote is HUGE to me… yet few I know actually “get around to it” on polling day.

Areas we are struggling in about moving away… our oldest two children.  My oldest son is just starting out his career in the Canadian Armed Forces, so he obviously won’t be coming over the pond with us.  That puts him quite far away.  But I am trying to remember that if he were stationed in BC or AB he’d be almost as inaccessible.  Plus, he has a good salary and could easily afford a flight over at holidays.  Our oldest daughter is a bigger concern.  She’ll be turning 19 at the time of our move, and could be courting someone or starting her own career (possibly military as well.)  She’s also my daughter… we’re very close.  I’m not sure how I would bear being away from her if she chose not to come with us.  But again, should she enter the Forces, she could be stationed anywhere or even deployed… I’ll have to live without her eventually – but if she’s courting someone – and planning on marrying, she’d be leaving our home anyhow to form her own household… so in reality, perhaps we shouldn’t be basing this decision on their lives.  Our younger two are homeschooled – life wouldn’t change much for them – just new house, location, etc… but it would be all a grand adventure to them.  They would miss their siblings no matter the circumstances, so that’s not going to change (why do kids have to grow up??)

We met this lovely couple who have moved to Canada (and are now whisking off to the States as they couldn’t get working visas for Canada – and won some kind of lottery for a green card???) and they’ve been telling us how bad it is over the pond.  I find it curious though, because despite their assurances that the world as we know it is coming to and end starting in the UK, they encouraged us to make sure our children had British Passports since they were eligible by descent… and their own oldest son (only 17) is counting the days till he can “go home again”.  Hmmm… so bad indeed.

I’m not British.  I’m by descent.  Why am *I* doing this then?  Because my Hunny is British… so in my world HOME is where HE is.   And he wants to be there.  Though, rightfully, with some concerns and nervousness at the BIGness of this decision.

I’m going to try to address some of these issues in later blog posts, but for now the crickets can head back to bed… I”m back. 😉


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