When you long for something every minute of every day… it’s hard to be satisfied with what you already have.  I’ve found this to be true for my Hunny and I this past month.  We’re doing number crunching, and it just never seems like enough.  We’ll probably need to do two things to make this move happen:

1. Move twice.  Once from our house to a rental (to save money faster – if we were debt-free we could save an extra thousand a month!) and then once more across the pond.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this option… but I’m not against moving twice to achieve a dream – HOWEVER… it’ll be hard to explain the move to a rental to family without explaining the WHY behind it.

2. Delay the move till 2015.  Not giving up our dream, but putting it off till we have saved more money to help us get started.

Another option is for my Hunny and I to spend some money to go over the pond and do a “market search” for jobs and housing costs, etc… and then it might help us get a better feel as to how much we’ll need to save, and how reasonable it is to expect him to be able to find work within a decent amount of time.  He could apply for work from this side of the pond, but we’re not sure how “favourably” he’ll be received with a Canadian contact number and address by the UK employers.  Does anyone have experience with that?

Our biggest set back right now is another financial loss – I know, I know, I just had one, but this one was even more annoying as it was supposed to have paid for our passports.  SO… where does that leave us?  No passports yet.  I am thinking instead of applying for all five together (over 1200$), I think we’ll do one at a time over the next year… I guess in a way that might be wise since then renewals won’t all hit at once either.   But it is frustrating to see things getting delayed.  I’m a “get it done gal” – I hate waiting when we have a plan and a direction.

At this point we are thankful we haven’t told our family what our plans are – they tend to “notice” when things take longer than expected and see it as some kind of personal fault of ours when sometimes it’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  This is a DREAM – and I suppose a dream is worth waiting and fighting for, right?


So… now comes the big decision.  The countdown clock.  Do I reset the clock and assign a new time?  Maybe for Spring 2015?  Or do I leave it as it is and just pray things work out the way they are supposed to?  There are other reasons to stick around a tiny bit longer, our daughter will be finished up school in June, and she’ll be applying to the military, which can take a while to get accepted for – so if we’re here, she can live at home and just keep working till they call.  If we move, she’ll have to decide if she’s staying here with someone else, or is she coming with us.  And if she stays and gets accepted, do we come back for her swearing in or for her graduation?  I have no idea.  So maybe waiting is best?  Thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “*SIGH*

  1. My two cents…reset that clock. Give yourself another year. It’s only one more year and, in the grand scheme of things, is that really so bad? You’ll be there for your daughter’s graduation and swearing in. You’ll have a little more time to get things together. You’ll be able to breathe. And when you do move, you’ll be able to enjoy the process a little more.

    If you decide to move into a rental for the time being tell your family that you decided it was just more economically sound. Point out the money you’ll be saving each month and leave it at that. Then you won’t be lying about it, you just won’t be revealing the entire truth.

    Either way, I’m rooting for you!

    • Thanks! Yes, we’re going to get through the holidays, list the house in Feb (at the suggestion of the Realtor) and then move in the early spring, and just save for the UK move NEXT early spring (2015). Might be nice anyhow, to arrive just as the island is “waking up” and get to enjoy the summer with the kiddos and stuff like that. I was stunned at how much we’d be saving NOT owning a house. Shocking really. And I think rents will be about (equal to) the same over there for maybe a smaller place (fine by us) so it’ll be good practice at dealing with landlords and stuff again! LOL!

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