Sorry again…

sorryI feel like I’m always apologizing on this blog.  Maybe it’s the Canadian in me… maybe it’s that I’ve been afraid to get my hopes up. Recently my husband and I have been talking about dreams… about how we dream a LOT but never seem to get to the point of LIVING those dreams.  There are reasons.  Mainly financial ones.  But there are also other things we’ve felt were responsibilities that, looking back now, did nothing but serve as an excuse to NOT live our dreams.  Hindsight and all…

Today I want to tackle some of those reasons.

1. Kids.  Well, no one can deny that a single guy or gal is going to have a far easier time making an international move than someone who has to consider the welfare of their children will.  Now, as we are a homeschooling family, that isn’t as big an issue as it might be for those who would need to coordinate between school systems and the likes.  But still.  When the Bigs (now 20 & 18) were little, we  had babies in tow – I think at one point we had a 12 year old, a 10 year old, a 3 year old and a newborn… NOT the ideal time to move countries, imho.  Looking back though, I realise that it was an excuse we were telling ourselves to rationalize not being willing to take the plunge.  Now we have our Bigs who will be heading off to college in the autumn, and the Littles are 11 & 9 – no more excuse there!

2. Parents.  Five years ago we moved to be closer to my parents, who were unwell.  Actually, my mom was more than unwell, and she passed away about a year after we moved.  My dad is not a healthy man, but of late has refused contact with us.  He found my concern for his ability to care properly for himself to be offensive.  I am sorry for that, as all I ever did was out of love and care for him.  My Hunny’s mom lives in the same town as us, but she’s a healthy woman… his dad lives a couple thousand kilometers away and definitely doesn’t require our help.  No excuses there!

3. Cousins.  This one really matters to me.  It matters to me that my kids know who their cousins are… but at the same time, if we are honest, we rarely see them.  They live in another town 45 mins away and are far too busy in their lives to see them more than a few times a year.  And of course there is always Skype to keep in touch.  No excuses there!

4. Friends.  Well, in consideration, this might be the biggest obstacle… I freely admit, I will miss my friends.  A lot.  BUT, again, we hardly see each other… our friendships are maintained primarily over social media and phone calls.  I can do that AND Skype from anywhere in the world.  Will I miss their hugs? Of course… but for the 10-12 hugs I get a year from my friends I hardly see, I am sure we’ll be fine.  No excuses there either!

5. Jobs.  Yes. That is the one that is first and foremost in our concerns (these weren’t in order, btw… *grin*)  Having a job is a big deal.  And yes, I hear the economy is bad over the pond.  Thing is?  The economy is bad all around… salaries do appear lower, but then the exchange rate makes that gap a lot smaller than what it looks like on paper.  It’s hard to say.  All we know is that when we were there, no one we encountered was living destitute.  Not a single one. That’s not to say that there aren’t those who are… just that those we knew holding down jobs, living life normally (not partying all the time or boozin’ up) were doing just fine.  MANY things are FAR cheaper over there than here in Canada too… it really astonished us at the incredible finds we made while we were there.  So.. back to jobs.  Are there jobs?  Yes, LOTS of them… but, like anywhere, those who don’t want to work, won’t.  And complain that it’s the lack of jobs’ fault rather than their own.

There is one other thing in our lives that would pull at our hearts and that is our church family.  A big part of our lives is our faith in God… and though we’ve heard from Christian friends that there are fewer and fewer Christians in the UK, most have said this after leaving the UK – and thereby reducing the believing population even more.  So maybe it should be our biggest reason to go…

So there you have it… our excuses.

Now, we’ve prayed a LOT lately, and talked a LOT lately.  And ultimately, we believe that we’re meant to move.  So, we’ve decided that we are listing the house (we delayed for excuses, but also because the winter here was VERY harsh and the realtor suggested waiting till more pleasant “house shopping” weather had returned.)  We will sell it, and my Hunny will travel to the UK while the Littles and I stay with friends in NB temporarily… I have great friends.  We’ll store our stuff here in a friend’s storage.  We will give it two months.  IF in two months he hasn’t found even a bite on his resume (which is excellent), he will fly back straight out to Alberta where we know he will be certain to find work (though it’s not our first choice of place to live – too vast.)  This way we haven’t uprooted the kids as much, and  all that happened to them is an extended vacation with some fellow homeschool friends.

So, that is where we are now… the “ETA” to moving day has bumped forward again… but will it be east or west of here?  That has yet to be determined. We’re praying for east though. All we know is that we don’t want to live with regrets or let excuses hold us back from following our dreams.


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9 thoughts on “Sorry again…

  1. Don’t worry about giving too many apologies. In the UK, if someone accidentally bumps into you, YOU generally apologise! (Not everyone, obviously. Sorry if you already knew this. Oops! 😉

  2. Stephanie

    Hi! My fiancé and I just moved to south east England close to here months ago from Halifax, NS. Please feel free to email me as I think I can help answer some questions, and give some “we just went through this” advice. It has been well worth the move, but there have been some unexpected bumps also. I have great work experience and have paid to have my resume turned into a proper British CV, and haven’t had a bite yet. I am not discouraged yet, but hopefully I can share my experiences to help your trip go smoothly!



    • Stephanie

      Sorry, that should have been three months ago 🙂

    • Thank you, Stephanie! I’ll pray for a bite on the job scene for you… that’s my husband’s biggest concern is supporting his family without work. But I believe he’ll be seen for the fantastic asset that he is. 15+ years in logistics/production planning/supply management/etc. He’s fluently bilingual (french/english) and is a “company man” (he’s only had three positions in the past 16 years, one into the other, no gaps)

      We’re looking more Derby and north too, so hopefully it’ll mean more opportunities (and more affordable living!) Did you bring a family over with you or is just the two of you? As I mentioned, we’ll be leaving two in Canada (apparently I can’t leave the Littles, I have to leave the Bigs… sheesh. ya get no breaks in this parenting thing, eh? *grin*) so I will really miss them, but at least one of them hopes to study in Ireland for their last year of school, and possibly the other will be heading to Scotland for their last year of school too (it’d be four years from now, since they have three years to do here first)… so maybe I can get them to stay once they are over the pond themselves, eh?

      I’ll be in touch soon!

  3. mamamanuscripts

    You know you can stay with us as long as you like. Every single part of me is crossed for you to be able to make this move (and I wish I could follow right along behind you, friend). Mike told me we could move wherever there was a CIBC, but it turns out their only international branches are in the West Indies. :p (yes, yes, I checked today).

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