Our Anniversary

Okay, it’s not really our anniversary… that was back in March (21 years in 2014!) – but it occurred to me this morning that today is the one year anniversary from the date we decided to make this dream of moving to the UK a reality.  So, that means that the 16 month goal date is a LOT closer… EEEK!  We need to list the house.  Yes, priority one.  That an passports.  And purging (*gulp* that is the hardest part, I think!)

doubtThere is so much to consider, and at the same time, so little.  Is this what we want?  Yes?  Then we just do it.  We make it happen.  Doubt is nothing but trouble.  Actually, part of our procrastination has been about telling our family.  Both here and there.  We’re expecting a fair bit of resistant and negative talk… but what is comes down to is that we aren’t asking them to make the move.  And to be honest, they did make this move – heading this way – years ago.  We’re just doing the same thing they set the example of, living for your dreams.  We want to offer our children that same excellent example in their lives.

One of benefits we have over many that we hear of going over the pond is that others seem to have this clear idea of where they are moving to… like what city or district they “must” live in.  Most is the London area… kinda like most people heading this way are seeing Toronto as the only place to live in Canada. *rolling eyes*  But when we go there, there is no expectation.  There is a preference, but absolutely nothing set in stone.  Which allows us a certain amount of freedom.  My Hunny can talk to recruiters about positions anywhere in the entire UK.  And honestly?  If we’re on the bigger island, there is nothing really farther to get to than a nice drive from Ontario to NS.  So if we want to see family (who mostly live in the Peak District), it can’t be that far away.  Living in Canada has given us a unique perspective on distances.

We also have discussed that the move may not be a permanent one.  That we aren’t locking ourselves into this move.  We may move… and, three years from now, come back.  We are citizens of both countries, so there is no risk there.  And no failure either.  The life experience for our Littles (the two still at home, 11 & 9) of living in another country will be enormous!  We are as excited for them as we are for ourselves.

I am praying that this blog blesses someone in their journey, even if it’s just to let them see that they are not alone in their fears and doubts… and hopefully encourage them not to let those doubts stop them from fulfilling their dreams.  I also hope that in the long run, it’ll help our family here in Canada understand a bit of what we are feeling and thinking and hopefully help them to come to an understanding in their hearts towards our decision.  Hey, a girl can hope, can’t she?  *grin*

So blessings today… talk to you soon!

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