Butterflies just invaded (in my tummy, that is)!!!  The realtor was just here and has looked around, offered his thoughts on the small things to update or finish before we list IN TWO WEEKS!  That means we need to prepare ourselves not only for the rush and madness of selling a house (with children and pets underfoot) while at the same time getting ourselves mentally prepared to finally… after a year of planning… to break the news to our extended family.  I can’t believe the day is almost here that our Big Secret will no longer be one!!

forsaleThe good news?  Our house is probably going to fetch quite a bit more than we had thought it would – AND the realtor commission is considerably less than we thought it was going to be… so that’s a few extra thousands of dollars in our pockets when this sells… in fact, it might even be enough to pay for the trip over the pond!  How’s that for a blessing?!

So… countdown is on.  Time to get those passport pictures ready, passport applications in, and all that paperwork underway.  I’m making an appointment this week to get the Dog microchipped and her “passport” started.  And it means purging is in full gear. And no, I will not show you a picture of how scary my family room looks right now – suffice it to say, it’s all gotta go! 😉  I see a garage sale in our near future.

That’s all for today, just a short, sweet update.  And butterflies.


Yep – the butterflies are here to stay!

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