And off they go!

No… we’re not quite off to the UK yet.  Rather, our passport applications are off to Durham.  *DEEP BREATH*  We went over them with a fine toothed comb.  We included ALL the documents needed for each of us.  We included the counter-signatory information.  We included his passport ID page photocopy.  We included our photos (mine wasn’t so good, but the kids look downright adorable!)

And off they go.  Being couriered out this morning, expected to arrive in Durham, England on Wednesday or Thursday.  Then we have to sit and wait those minimum 10 weeks.  SO, I’m going to “Let it go” and won’t worry about receiving anything till September 1st.  When we get those back (with all our documents) we are all applying (or renewing) our Canadian passports so that we always have a way back home without problems.  The Canadian passports will only take a couple weeks at the most to get to us, I think our last batch took just a week and a day – we go into the passport office itself and everything is approved right then and there, it’s more about waiting for the postal system to mail them than a delay in processing.  The UK really could take a course in passport efficiency from Canada… really.  But I guess the UK has it’s own advantages… like culture, and history, and food, and beauty.  See, thinkin’ this thing through.

However, making sure we have a way back doesn’t mean we aren’t serious about going and staying.  We absolutely are!  In fact, the more time that goes by, the more certain our conviction becomes.  We feel we are meant to be in the UK.

This week’s plans (now that last week’s Big Task is done – passports) is to get the house sorted for a garage sale this weekend coming.  I have NO idea how I’ll be ready.  I also need to box a LOT of books, most of which are NOT coming with us but rather are going to a friend who has a used bookstore and she’ll sell them on consignment for me and send me the money via Paypal as it comes in.  Nice part about that?  It means that I could have a trickle of money coming into my Paypal long after we move! LOL!

That’s pretty much all that is new… besides that the Realtor is coming to our house with the papers to list the house next Monday, so on top of all this purging, we need to get the house cleaned (HAHA!) well enough for sale pictures.  I might need to call in some favours from friends.

So, that’s where we’re at… passport applications and supporting documents sent.  FINALLY!  🙂

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6 thoughts on “And off they go!

  1. Vicky

    Fingers crossed 🙂

  2. I’m really nervous right now… I know that I slipped outside the lines of the signature box. I fixed it on the form, but the line was there… and now I just had nightmares all night that they are going to reject the application. 😦 I could cry. My name is just one of those names with both tall and hanging down letters in it… so my signature is quite tall. So stressed. And if they reject it, I will have to find another 200$ to pay for another application. And wait another three months for it… IF they let me reapply at all. Oh please someone, tell me it’ll be okay. 😦

  3. mamamanuscripts

    I do believe that your fixed signature will be perfectly fine. You have this. You really do.

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