*tap, tap, tap*

That’s my fingers on the table as I wait (a tad impatiently) for this house to sell.  It’s getting traffic, so I know it’s just a matter of time, and maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself as we are still waiting for the passports to arrive.  I guess once you latch on to a dream, you don’t like waiting to see it materialize.  And I’m tired of Canada right now.

A week ago today I went to the hospital for an infection, and while I was there they noticed that my blood pressure was quite high (like dangerous) – and the triage nurse, the reception nurse, the nurse in the ER, AND the doctor all told me off that I should be on meds and being monitored for it.  Ya… well, I asked the doctor, “are YOU taking patients?” He told me no, that he was an ER only doctor (makes more money that way) and I replied, “well, there ya go.”  There are NO doctors taking patients here… NONE.  Maybe in other towns there are, but the district I live in, nothing.  And this is why I end up in the emergency room when a quick visit to the doctor would suffice.

Whatever else the UK (according to some) has against it, people have doctors.  DONE.  And from all our family over the pond’s  experiences, I think they are getting rather good care – especially follow-up care!  Here? I had major surgery a couple years ago and had no doctor to have a follow-up visit… for all I know my insides might be lime green and tied in knots!  *shrug*

As a side note, though there are a few very close friends that we’ve told, the majority of our friends and family do not know of our plans to move.  It’s really hard.  We want so badly to tell them our dreams, but we’re so afraid that (from past experience) they will respond negatively.  Are you hearing this?  The people who should know, the people we love most, we can’t trust with this precious little spark of hope and passion we have in our lives.  Despite the fact that they made a life-changing decision to move to Canada years and years ago… both on my Hunny’s and my side of the family… we just don’t feel we can handle the extra stress right now.  But the time is looming where we’ll have to “come clean” – and no doubt they’ll be mad then too, because we waited.  It’s a no-win situation.

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!  Just call us the Weebles. ;)

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! Just call us the Weebles. 😉

We do have to admit to a few “wobbles” (as they call them on the BE forum) – it’s such a big endeavour!  But then, it’ll be such a great learning experience for the Littles, and it’ll be a good motivation for my Bigs to really stand on their own (out of our umbrella).  Just by way of being the realisation of my husband’s life-long dream it’ll be a Good Thing.  And no one has said that once we move we can never return… though we aren’t planning on moving back this way, who knows?  For today, let’s focus eastward! LOL!

So right now that is where we’re at… the waiting game.  Waiting for passports (processing stage), waiting for the house to sell, waiting to tell family and friends of our Big Plan.

Did I mention I hate waiting? I guess it’s all good, practice for queues and being on hold with agencies and the likes when I get there.  That’s why I like email (or texting) so much more than the phone  – I can just leave my message and move on with my day.


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6 thoughts on “*tap, tap, tap*

  1. Vicky

    We’re still waiting too, business sale has fallen through twice and just as we were about to list the house we had a sewage backup which flooded the whole first floor 😦 Lucky we at least had insurance! It is worth holding off telling people though I think, we told our families a year ago and we’re still here constantly being asked when anything is going to happen…..

    • Ya, that’s another reason my husband wanted to wait. He said that though he had the ability to see that this is a decision that could take TIME… once you tell people, they expect it to happen right away or start judging you as flighty or a failure. I’m SO sorry to hear about the backup!!! EWWWW! We’re so blessed, our house has been high and dry through all the wet weather we had, and always has been. The only water we ever had in the basement (isolated) was when the washing machine had a temper tantrum. 😉
      Thanks for commenting! Keep in touch! 🙂

  2. Feelbritish (Gail)

    We are also waiting for our house to sell. People are telling us the housing market on Vancouver Island has just about dried up! (: We are not really in a rush because we are retiring back to UK and only after May next year, but like you I am impatient!! I hate being in limbo! However it is not a good idea to be impatient because that is when you start dropping prices whereas I expect like us you will need the best price possible for your house to move forward! As my dear mother keeps telling me “everything happens when it should” You cannot hurry God up so hang in there!

  3. I think in the UK we take our National Health Service for granted. Of course it isn’t perfect, and it isn’t free – it’s paid for through taxation – But it’s free at the point of access. I don’t have to pay if I need medical treatment. 🙂

    • I am in Canada so our health care is free (same, paid by taxation) – but in some areas there is a serious lack of family doctors. 😦

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