*more tapping*

Yep… the tapping continues.  but now for a different reason…

OUR HOUSE HAS SOLD!  Well, conditionally sold, but we are very confident that the conditions will be lifted by the deadline  (the 21st of July).  Now, the tapping for those passports starts.  According to HMPO they are “bring processed” – I guess that’s better than refused. 😉  I have all confidence in their passing through no problem, it’s just the backlog that everyone is facing at the moment.  But it means that the closing date is looming and we cannot say in all certainty if my passport will be approved or not.  My Hunny’s will because he was born in England, but if mine is not (by Descent application) then we need to rethink our whole plan.

In the end, it’ll be fine. We DO have a Plan B.  it’s just not our dream plan… though we will do well.

The nice thing about the house being sold is that we got pretty much what we wanted price-wise, and made a rather large profit on the place in the five years we’ve lived here.  Nice.  Enough to clear all loans and stuff out and still leave us a nice start to getting set up over the pond.  We couldn’t ask for better!

SO… Please, Mr/Mrs Passport Person, hurry up and make a good decision so we can come live in your wonderful country and be good citizens. Please?  I hope they come in before we move, because I’m not sure how complicated things get if we have to call them to change our civic address (for delivery) before they are finished processing… and since the closing date is soon (Sept 3rd – though we expect to stay in Canada a while after that as we finish everything off, we won’t be living here!) it’d be nice to have them in our grubby little paws.

*tap, tap, tap* I’m wearing a hole in my desk… 😉

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