The Kids’ Thoughts on Canada

We asked our Littles what they would miss most about Canada when we moved to England. We wanted to get a good idea of where to focus our energies for the last few months we’ll be in this country, making sure to hit their highlights since it may be a while before we’re settled enough to head back over this way for a visit. Here were their thoughts:

G: I will miss my friends.  I will miss Awana (to which we reminded him we’d be finding a  club or help start a club when we get there). I will miss the pool (in our backyard). 

C: I will miss my friends.  I will miss Awana too.  And poutine.  (I then made her day by not only telling her we can make poutine at home, but we actually made some for supper that night! So, that’s one thing off the list.)  

So I guess a summer filled with playing with friends is in the plans.  PHEW!  I thought it might end up being something complicated or expensive!  LOL!  And to keep things balanced, I asked them what they are most looking forward to when they get to England.

G: Meeting Great Nana in person.  And castles.

C: Seeing everyone.  And CurlyWurlies.  (Gotta love a little girl, she already knows that chocolate is where it’s at. LOL!)

Simple kids, simple pleasures.  Our lives are so blessed. 🙂

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