Pins and Needles

Okay, I haven’t posted much… I’ve been on pins and needles, as they say.  We got a great offer on our house, which of course we accepted… and since then we’ve been waiting.  Waiting for inspections (check!), financial approval (check!), and now still waiting for the bank to approve the appraisal for the new owners.  Once that is done (deadline is this evening at 8pm EST), the house is SOLD!

Temporarily we’ll be moving to a friend’s cottage… and then the “plan” is that my Hunny will give his notice, and when he’s completed the two or three weeks they require, he’ll fly over the pond to look for work.  I will stay here with our Littles in the lovely cottage on the water (what hardship, I know… pray for me. *grin*) while starting the vet process for the Dog.  When Hunny either has work, or has a strong lead on work, we’ll book the flight for the dog (separate from us, I think one hurdle at a time, thankyouverymuch) and the flights for me and the Littles.  Then it’s off we gooooooo…! YAY!

We had a impromptu garage sale on the weekend, made a few dollars and more importantly got rid of some stuff.  We’re busy little bees in the house packing like mad.  With Older Son moving to college in a couple weeks, we’re giving him first pick of our stuff for his apartment.  I got my books down to 7 boxes… believe me, that is a HUGE accomplishment.  I’m even planning on going through those boxes each one more time to see if I can get it down to 6 boxes.  One pallet.  Then we’ll try to limit the other stuff to 6 more boxes.  And that is all we’ll be bringing.

We found a great shipping company that someone on BritishExpats recommended ( who will allow us to share a container based on volume.  *Did you hear the angels singing?!* What that means is that I can pack my cast iron frying pan, my cast iron tortilla press, my well seasoned baking stone, my best pots, some of my mom’s casserole dishes… I don’t have to lose all the kitchen things I’ve grown to love.  It also means I have a measure of books that I can take… you know, the GOOD ones, the classics with hard covers that weigh a ton.  It won’t matter.  It’s based on the cubic footage, NOT how much the boxes weigh!!!  Oh Glory Be! (it’s the simple things)

So… today is waiting for final word.  but I felt so bad at leaving everything up in the air for you fine folk who are reading… I had to update.  I will add here when I get that final GO from the Realtor.

Oh, and before I head off to tackle some more boxes… I wanted to update the passports thing.  It’s been 8 weeks, they are still in processing (not refused, so that’s a positive… and they did warn us on the site at the time of application that it could take at least 10 weeks… but no harm in checking in now and then, eh?)  So… a bit of pins and needles there too, but we’re confident that they will go through smoothly.  Our application are pretty straight forward and all the documentation they could possibly need was sent in original format, including our Canadian passports (which I’d really like them to send back so we can get to the business of renewing them so if a return trip is needed we have them. Thankfully the Canadian ones only take a week or two if you go into the passport office and get it done.)

Now, back to the Battle of the Book Boxes.  Talk to you later! 🙂


ETA:  The house SOLD (conditions removed) just minutes shy of the 6pm bank closing hour.  Sheesh, talk about leaving it to the last possible second!  The sign has been removed, and it’s now countdown to moving day – September 3rd!  YAY!

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