Moving Along

So, the house is sold, it’s filling up with boxes (yay.), we have our “temporary lodgings” set up and waiting for the interim…. now, passports would be lovely!  We’re not worried, no requests have been made of us (interviews, questions for counter-signatory, etc) however, we are a little concerned about what happens when we move if they haven’t been couriered back to us yet.  I guess we just sit on the phone till we get a person and make a change of address for our applications?  Not sure.  We didn’t expect the house to sell so quickly.

And we’ve told the in-laws.  So far, we are pleasantly surprised at their reactions.  I know they were shocked at my Hunny’s announcement, but they handled themselves well.  There was of course the typical implying that we hadn’t done any homework and were doing this on a “grass is greener” whim.  but as we know that that is completely untrue, we’re not giving that any bother.

We were accused of abandoning our older children (who I’d like to remind you are BOTH moving out to go to college quite far from home anyhow, so I don’t see how that’s relevant) – so we asked them how they felt about it.  My daughter’s reply to me (word for word from her text: “I feel you are leaving two well raised adults in the real world where parent’s can’t always be there.  Teens all have to leave the nest at some point and get a job, a home, and maybe a family” 

How’s that for affirmation?  My older son (20) is feeling quite the same.  After his time on his own in the Forces, then injured and living back home again, he’s really feeling the need to have his own space.  It can’t be easy for him to “downgrade” to living in Mom and Dad’s basement… even if it was only for 6 months while he recovered.  He’s heading out to a new city in a week, will be going to college and working part time, and is very hopeful about his future.  I don’t see him “needing” mommy’s apron strings.

And let’s be honest here… there is Skype.  A plane home is only 7 hours… add a few for showing up at the airport and buying a ticket, and in an emergency I can be with either child in about 12 hours.  It would take me 12 hours to drive from this house to where my daughter will be attending college.  So really, how is this any different (besides costs, which in an emergency wouldn’t matter in the least to me)?  Ya, exactly.

The other “concern” was that we’d have to put our dog into quarantine (which isn’t the case, we’ve done all our research on that)… and that my Hunny won’t find work… and for that reason he is going over the pond before us…  though he feels confident that in his field there are many jobs to be had for those willing to work.  But even so, should he get over there, and there is absolutely nothing at all to be had within the borders of the FOUR countries which made up the United Kingdom, then I suppose he’ll come back here and get a new job here.  The unemployment rate is quite similar here to the UK, but the in-laws I guess believe that there are only jobs here.

We’ve been “accused” of making the same mistakes that the man in the story Acres of Diamonds which is silly really, since what we are pursuing is NOT riches and wealth, but family and quality of life.  We have family here… yes, let’s count that.  We have my Hunny’s dad who left everything to pursue success and wealth running a B&B in NS (thousands of kms away from his only two children and all the grandbabies he could ever want or need) and we’re lucky to see them for dinner once a year.  There’s my Hunny’s mom, who lives about a ten minute walk from our home, who we only really see if they need something, we pop in on them, or at three major holiday events… and my Hunny’s sister who we only see about 4-5 times a year despite living less than an hour away, they are too busy pursuing their own wealth and prosperity to bother much with family gatherings.  There is my dad and sister who have decided they are unit unto their own and that we are not welcome additions to their lives.

In England… well, there are all of my Hunny’s relatives; cousins, aunts, uncles, and even a 104 year old grandmother still living.  There are friends of the family that even if we don’t see often, we’d like to see more regularly.  And there is a richness in the culture that simply is non-existent here in Canada.

Now, where are our “acres of diamonds”?  Here is barely exist (to quote my father in law on his life in the UK) and there I can honestly say I believe that we will be “home”… what we want isn’t riches, we want richness.  We already see ourselves as rich beyond all expectations.  We are madly happily married, have raised two responsible, respectable, wonderful adults, have two brilliant and sweet children who are coming with us on the adventure with more enthusiasm than I could ask for from anyone (they are counting days!!!).  And both our adult children are hoping to be studying in Ireland and Scotland in three years’ time anyhow to finish up their university programs.

I think we’ve got our heads on straight.  And I’m so proud of my Hunny who had to face his family even though he hates negativity.  I have to admit, I’m also very proud of my mother in law, who we truly expected to be VERY negative, yet she was only concerned and has asked many good questions.

So, the cat is out of the bag.  *PHEW!*


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