Paperwork again

Okay, there seems to be a confusion between the different governments.  HMPO is now saying that my long form birth certificate (which they requested, I might add) is not what they want.  They want some document that was issued within a year of my birth.  I don’t think they completely understand that a BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued at ANY time is a proof of an archived document that is the formal proof of my birth.  SO, early Monday morning, I need to get myself down to the core of down town Montreal to apply for a “copy of an act” which is pretty much the same as my birth certificate except… well, I guess we’ll find out.  From what I can see online, the same info is on both.

The lovely lady that called (and can I say, government workers in Canada could take lessons from the manners and politeness of the UK government workers… REALLY!) said that she would consider it.  But unless The Doctor pops by with his TARDIS, how am I going to go back in time to tell my parents to get a proper copy of the act and save it for me till now (43 years later)??  Not sure what else I can do.  Hope this works!

Plan B is being examined.  Just in case.

I know I am eligible for the British passport… there is no question.  I meet the requirements completely, as clean cut a case as can be imagined… we’re not entirely sure why the new document is being requested other than the crack downs on immigration in the UK and maybe they have a quota of “problems” to find.  No idea.  But it is additional expense and waiting time.  And with the move looming in two weeks, it’s starting to get a little stressful to be dealing with this after waiting almost three months with no word from them.  But we’ll just through their hoops if it makes them feel better. 🙂

My Hunny’s passport application is being stalled though he was born on British soil to British parents because they want a statement from him that states WHY he’s applying from Canada.  (Um, because that’s where he lives now??) So we have to do that too… so it really does make me think that they have to look like they are being picky to satisfy those in the country that would say they are too lax in their work.  I’m hoping it means only a short delay.  S’all good though.. we’re still on schedule, we still have a few months, and our leaving date is flexible anyhow.

But just in case, we’ve decided to put our main furniture into storage rather than get rid of it like originally planned, just in case… just in case… no sense in off-loading in haste, repenting at leisure. LOL!

So, it’s the paperwork waiting game.  And she called us while we were on the road so we were unable to get it done on Friday, and there is nothing at all either of us can do until Monday morning, so we’ll just hang out this weekend and try to make sense of boxes.  (I hate boxes.  Boxes are evil.)

Have a GLORIOUS weekend everyone!  It’s one of the last this summer… make the most of it – SNOW is on it’s way soon! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Paperwork again

  1. Mary

    I’m guessing since you’re going to Montreal for a copy of your Act, that’s where you were born. Naturally, that complicates things even more because Quebec government does things totally differently from the rest of Canada. (I was born in Lachine, and when it came to getting my passport a few years ago, I had to ‘jump through hoops’ as well to get my proof of birth act from Quebec, so I know your frustration.) When I was working at Paul’s, I’d start to sweat every time I got an estate to work on where the deceased had a Quebec Will! Talk about hassle …. probating those estates were awful! But stay determined, and keep plugging away with your little pop-gun; eventually, you’ll hit the bull’s eye and it’ll be smooth flying to your new life!

    • I know.. that’s the thing. When I was born, birth registrations were handled at the church where you were baptised (or dedicated, as was my case)… I doubt that is less official than a long form birth certificate, but *shrug* I guess it’s what I have to do! SO, hi ho hi ho, it’s off to Bluery Street I go… 😉

      • Mary

        Some random thoughts:

        Are your glasses rose-coloured? Welllll, maybe a little. But all in all it sounds like you have pretty realistic expectations. I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

        I’ve always thought how nice it would be to go to Britian and have this happen:
        1) Having someone say to me: “I love your accent!”
        2) Riding in a ‘black cab’.
        3) Having the chance to say the sentence: “It’s all gone pear shaped now!”
        4) Driving down a country lane and having to stop for a flock of sheep.
        5) Driving down the left side of the road – deliberately!

        Daily life in Britain:
        1) I think there is take out – it’s called ‘take away’ – but NO delivery to your door.
        2) I think that pharmacies in Britain are just that – pharmacies, and that ‘chemists’ (i.e. druggists) get pretty annoyed and insulted if you walk into their place for a prescription and ask where the sodas and kleenexes are.

        How am I on British culture: understanding Cricket (hopeless). Playing croquet (hopeless). Riding horses (hopeless – afraid of them). Downing a pint (not any more!)

        On October 24, 2013 you wrote:
        “Time will pass slowly this next year and a half, I think, …”
        Care to revise this statement now?

        On being understood: I remember Mom telling me when she and Pop came over from Belgium to Montreal (they had been sponsored by a family at their church’s sister church in Montreal), that she thought she had landed on another planet! She had been used to Parisien french and here they speak Quebequois french so I’m sure she had her share of not understanding and not being understood. I think she always thought of the Quebequois french as a ‘sloppy’ language because she stressed Parisien french to me when I was growing up.

        Distances: travelling in Belgium by train was terrific! Travelling by train for 3 hours and you cross 3 countries; travel west by train for 3 hours here and you’re still in the same province let alone the same country!

        Building in Belgium: Here, we think 150 years is old … over there 600 years is still recent history! Riding into Liege by train one day, I was really surprised to see a development of new bungalows. It looked so out of place!

        On purging: there is a hesitation at giving things up, but there is also a freedom in giving things up. When I sold the house and moved to an apartment, it felt so good to just get down to the basics and those mementos that really meant something. Of course, since then I have moments of regret at leaving some things behind. A friend of mine describing how hard it was to purge his large library when he moved to NWT from Ottawa, but it had to be done because the cost at moving all those books was horrendous!

      • Yes, you are right.. of course. Time HAS flown. I think we didn’t expect our house to sell so fast (three weeks and we had our selling offer, 10 days later and it was final!) And we didn’t expect them to wait over three months to contact us for a problem. Seems to me they could have glanced at it at the same time as they did my signature and asked me to do this back in June, so it would have been done by now. BUT that is the way of things, right? It’s just that my Hunny can’t go over the pond even if he gets HIS passport till mine is in our hands. And they have all our important documents these past three months… so we can’t do other things, like I don’t know if Bleury street will ask me to produce my birth certificate or not to order the copy of the act. It’s just so unknown. A pain, but we’re plodding through. 🙂 Your words of encouragement mean so much to me! ❤

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