For my Hunny…

This journey has not been all it could have been.  Anyone who’s been reading will know that.  There’s been deep hurt aimed our way over our decision to follow our hearts and make this move.  My Hunny is one the sweetest, most sensitive of men.  He’s tough on the outside, and rarely shows this softness to others, but he feels personal attacks deeply.

I’m with him.  No matter what.  Where others fail us, I will never falter.  I love him, and I want nothing more in this world than to see him happy, to see him succeed in his dreams and aspirations, to see him live his life without regrets.   No matter how hard it is for me, no matter how scared I might be.  He has ALWAYS been there for me, he’s shown me what Love really is, unconditional and unwavering.  I will do the same.  I will gather up our dreams, I will put in the long, hard hours, I be what he needs.  I’m with him.

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One thought on “For my Hunny…

  1. Mary

    I know what you mean. Rob has given me more than I have him so far in our marriage and I wish I could give him more but he keeps telling me I’m perfect for him the way I am. My co-worker told me, when Rob and I were courting and I was “complaining” about him spending money on me – I wasn’t used to that kind of treatment – that I had found a man who wanted to give me the world, so I should just shut up and let him! You were blessed, also, to find a God-fearing, God-believing, God-trusting man like Tony and it should bring you great comfort to be able to trust in his faith. Because he loves you as God loves him you know he will provide you with support, encouragement, a shoulder to lean on, and a partnership in raising your family and doing the right things. Celebrate your love every moment you can!

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