Good things come to…

Ya.  That doesn’t mean the passports are here… but it means FINALLY, through patient perseverance, I finally got through to someone who understood what I was trying to explain about my birth certificate.  I had to load up my Skype account and call all the way to the UK, but it was worth it!  Spoke to a very nice gentleman who seemed genuinely surprised that 1. we’ve been waiting for about three months now, and 2. my full birth certificate was being questioned given the circumstances (that QC didn’t “do” proper birth certificates till 23 years after my birth… they had church records, but that was it.)  He sent a letter off to get clarification on the matter and to light a little fire under Durham’s bottom – and promised to get back to me by Tuesday.  SO… YAY!

It's Here! It's Here!

It’s Here! It’s Here!

Now when I say the passports aren’t here, I mean, the ALL aren’t here.  My son’s has arrived!!!  I also expect my daughter’s shortly as they were most likely sent out at the same time.  If we don’t get it today, I’ll give them another little shout on Monday as couriers shouldn’t take this long.  I’m hoping the delivery guy was just afraid of braving the torrential downpour we had yesterday afternoon.  LOL!

Family is still not pleased, but I see a fair bit of back-pedalling going on – but really, though forgiveness is within our abilities, trusting might not be for a while.  One bitten, twice shy they say.

I just wanted to note here.  Anyone in Canada who is reading this, and has EVER deal with public officials (civil servant workers) – you need to know, the workers in the UK, though a thousand times vaguer… they are at least a thousand times more pleasant to deal with!!  I have been warned that in person they aren’t as nice, but I don’t know… they are pretty awesomely polite and helpful on the phone.  Even the one who was telling me nonsense about my birth certificate was respectful, friendly, and polite.  Can’t beat that!  One MORE gold star for the UK Side! 😉

Keepin’ y’all updated!  See ya soon, hopefully with more good news!


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2 thoughts on “Good things come to…

  1. Julie

    Just a heads up – it’s a Bank Holiday on Monday in the UK. Hopefully all your passports are winging their way to you. Keep the faith.

  2. Mary

    You got one! YAY! It’s like pulling teeth, I know, but hang in there …. in 5 years or so, you’ll look back on all this hassle and …. well, at least not cry! LOL!

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