Two Down – Two To Go

And then there were two...

And then there were two…

Yep, another passport came in… and we do expect Hunny’s before too long.  Mine, however, is stalled till I can get some more proof that my father is my father.  ?? Anyhow *shrug* whatever.  I’ll just through the hoops.  What bothers me most is that because they have all our original documents, I’m forced to reapply for a second copy of my marriage certificate, so I can reapply for a second copy of my Birth Certificate… to prove … not sure.  But well, I guess it’s always good to have a spare.  I think.

We’ll keep you updated!

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5 thoughts on “Two Down – Two To Go

  1. One of these days, my dear, life is going to start to be easy. Then you guys won’t know what to do with yourselves! But just know that I love you, and I know everything is going to be fine. You’ll look back on this experience and know that God was with you throughout the whole thing – and that it was good!

  2. Was your Dad born in Britain? When I got my British passport I had to get my Dad’s birth certificate from Scotland, then my parent’s wedding certificate, and then my birth certificate and that proved that I was a descendant from a British Dad.

    • I sent his birth certificate, his marriage certificate to my mom, my birth certificate with his name and my mom’s name… and yet, because I was born in QC and the Directeur de L’Etat Civil (the only place where you can get a legally recognised birth certificate if you were born in QC) was formed in 1994 – there is no way my legal birth certificate could have been issued “within a year of my birth” (the only thing that was was a church document that is lost to time) – they are saying it’s not valid. I am fighting it. I did speak to a nice gentleman there who understood my dilemma but unfortunately for me the woman in charge of my file is somewhat short of understanding (and a teeny bit illiterate I’m thinking, her reading comprehension skills are quite lacking, and her written grammar is quite unimpressive). Anyhow, it is what it is… time will tell. But I know I am entitled, so I will keep on keeping on. 😉

  3. I had to get one of those birth certificates also as the baptismal certificates are no longer valid. I just applied to Quebec for my birth certificate and I got it, no problem. Good luck.

    • No, I DID send them a proper legal birth certificate… THAT is what they are saying is not valid. It’s complicated. We have an airhead looking at our file I think.. I have no idea. She seems rather thick.

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