One more needed for a matched set!

And here's another one!

And here’s another one!

SO… on the passport front, it’s only mine that is missing.  There are many roads to take to get this “done” – so we’re exploring all of them.  When we’re done, our Bigs will be applying together (since they’ll need their dad’s birth certificate to apply, and right now that hasn’t been returned from HMPO, but as soon as it does…)  but theirs will be just for the principle of thing the thing right now as both are committed to school for the next two or three years… at least.

We’re moving this weekend… to temporary lodgings… so that when it is time to go, we can just go.  We’re SO excited!!!

(on a side note: ain’t that just the handsomest guy ever???  Check out those beautiful eyes… *DREAMY!* )

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3 thoughts on “One more needed for a matched set!

  1. Mary

    Did I miss something? I thought Hunny was going to go ahead to get settled with his job etc. and you all will follow after?

    • Yes, but there is no point in him going if I can’t follow, right? So right now, he and the Littles can go, but we’re still waiting on mine. We sent an email that we’re hoping will light a little fire under her butt (if for no other reason than to hide her illiteracy and lack of understanding of her job) – pray it works.

  2. Praying daily for yours to get here hun! I can’t even imagine… But God is good, all the time. Leave it in His hands, and all will be fine. I’m so glad your dream is becoming a reality! You guys deserve this so very, very much! I love you all ❤

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