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I'm always learning - and I enjoy showing others how to love learning as well! "Retired" Home Ed teacher, moving on to my second career as a MFL Secondary Teacher. You are welcome to follow my journey as I get my degree and other qualifications!

Falling Into Place

SO, remember when I said that this move seemed SO far away (I think it was about a year ago)… well, it’s this WEEK!  Part of it, anyhow.  We’re doing things very methodically, not rushing haphazardly into the Great Unknown.  Hunny is flying overseas this Sunday (the 5th), on stand-by (so that date might change if he can’t get a seat on the only plane going over that day… but more than likely he’ll be able to get ONE seat) – so it’s really count-down time now.  After he leaves, though we’re not entirely sure when, the Littles and I will be moving closer to our church and friends.  As lovely as it is here, it is also rather isolating.  Much of Canada is like that, unless you are in the  bigger cities… but more even for us as there are no children around at all, least of all English speaking ones.  Back in town, they have their friends, our church family, and we’ll be a lot less isolated.

This will be probably the hardest part about this move… the separation.  I feel so much for those families who have to be apart as they try to build up their financial requirements for Spousal Visas and the likes.  I mean, we are doing this by choice (to give Hunny more freedom of movement that will hopefully mean he’ll find work that much faster), but some people are stuck with their soul-mate on the other side of an ocean for months and months against their choice.  Sometimes even with children waiting too… (((hug))) to each of you as you face this trial.

Hunny’s freedom comes at a price though, a funny one.  We have NO idea WHERE we are moving to.  No, really… as in, what city we’ll be living in in hopefully just a few months.  It makes it hard to plan and research, I have to say.  This causes ME stress… exciting stress, but stress nonetheless.  Will we be in Cardiff, Derby, Devon, York, Glasgow?  No idea… that’s kind of exciting, but also kind of scary.  I can’t plan.  I’m a planner by nature.  LOL!  This is like free-falling.  But I have faith it’ll all work out.

SO, we have our British Passports, as you know.  We have our Canadian Passports for visits back home.  We have Hunny’s travel date.  We have faith.  Sounds like we’re right on track! 🙂


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Interesting Read

One of the naysaying arguments we’ve heard of late is that health care in the UK is terrible compared to Canada (then there is us who have not had a family doctor going on five years now…)

I have some evidence to the contrary, besides the “anecdotal” evidence of so many people telling us differently. Click the image below to get the whole article.  It is comforting to me to know that in the UK we WILL have a family doctor… IMAGINE!!!



This was put together to determine the quality & cost of the US health system, so there was no prejudice towards the UK or any other European country… it just reflects the facts.  Now, there is the 10th ranking in the “Health Outcomes” sections, and I’m not entirely sure how that fits with the rest of the numbers, but it *might* (now I”m not sure, remember) be because there is a more again population overseas, or a mindset against medical assistance?  Maybe all those war babies growin’ up with the idea of keep calm and carry on? I know that there is a good push here in North America to take the meds you are prescribed (like insulin or HBP pills), so maybe that’s the difference? I have no idea, since we don’t live there yet.

Maybe it’s the steak and kidney pie? *ducking before Hunny smacks me LOL!*

Nah.. must be the fish’n’chips’n’mushy peas….

All I know is, it can’t be the tea. LOL!

In any case, it still leaves them in first place, so that’s still something.  I can’t wait to have my very own doctor to bring the Littles to when they need a check-up… they haven’t had one of those in over 5 years!  I think they’re still operational, but they could probably do with a tune-up. 😉

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Yay – A Matched Set At Last!

Sorry for the radio silence… We’ve moved to our temporary lodgings, a beautiful waterfront cottage.  But the downside is we have no internet connection.  So things on the WWW are moving at a snail’s pace right now.  As we depend on phone connections to keep us in touch.

Yes!  My passport arrived this week.  This has been my first chance to get online to let anyone know!

Full House!  We win!!!

And more updates.  Hunny has handed in his resignation at work, and will be flying over the pond at the start of October.  His employers were quite stunned, but very supportive, and have even made it clear that if things do not work out for us, that he should contact them first before looking for work elsewhere in Canada.  Amazing Grace indeed!   They have written him a fantastic reference letter so we’re hoping it helps in securing employment on English soil. 🙂

The beautiful view from the temporary home we've been bkessed with... by friends. <3

The beautiful view from the temporary home we’ve been bkessed with… by friends. ❤

Isn’t this spectacular?!?!  Though nothing compared to the lovely views to be found over the pond, it is soothing and peaceful… something we sorely need in this time of adjustment.


  • Big Girl and Big Boy are happily settled in their respective college towns.  School is going great and both are making friends and building community.  We’re hoping to see both for Christmas over the pond… but if not Christmas, Easter.
  • Dog has started her DEFRA Pet Protocol with her microchip installled.  Next week she has her appointment to get her vaccinations.
  • Hunny’s overseas job search has started in earnest online, and his travel arrangements have to be made this week.  As of right now, his living arrangements haven’t been finalized, but he hopes to have that sorted by the end of the week.
  • All the stuff we put in storage is started to be sorted… Slowly.
  • And lastly, our Canadian passports are being applied for tomorrow morning, so they should only take a couple of weeks at most.  Canada is less twitchy about such things. 😉  (It took 3 and a half months for our UK passports to get sorted, and we still don’t have my documents back yet, just the passport.)

I will miss Canada so much, but I look forward to the adventure that lies ahead.

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