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One of the naysaying arguments we’ve heard of late is that health care in the UK is terrible compared to Canada (then there is us who have not had a family doctor going on five years now…)

I have some evidence to the contrary, besides the “anecdotal” evidence of so many people telling us differently. Click the image below to get the whole article.  It is comforting to me to know that in the UK we WILL have a family doctor… IMAGINE!!!



This was put together to determine the quality & cost of the US health system, so there was no prejudice towards the UK or any other European country… it just reflects the facts.  Now, there is the 10th ranking in the “Health Outcomes” sections, and I’m not entirely sure how that fits with the rest of the numbers, but it *might* (now I”m not sure, remember) be because there is a more again population overseas, or a mindset against medical assistance?  Maybe all those war babies growin’ up with the idea of keep calm and carry on? I know that there is a good push here in North America to take the meds you are prescribed (like insulin or HBP pills), so maybe that’s the difference? I have no idea, since we don’t live there yet.

Maybe it’s the steak and kidney pie? *ducking before Hunny smacks me LOL!*

Nah.. must be the fish’n’chips’n’mushy peas….

All I know is, it can’t be the tea. LOL!

In any case, it still leaves them in first place, so that’s still something.  I can’t wait to have my very own doctor to bring the Littles to when they need a check-up… they haven’t had one of those in over 5 years!  I think they’re still operational, but they could probably do with a tune-up. 😉

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Paperwork again

Okay, there seems to be a confusion between the different governments.  HMPO is now saying that my long form birth certificate (which they requested, I might add) is not what they want.  They want some document that was issued within a year of my birth.  I don’t think they completely understand that a BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued at ANY time is a proof of an archived document that is the formal proof of my birth.  SO, early Monday morning, I need to get myself down to the core of down town Montreal to apply for a “copy of an act” which is pretty much the same as my birth certificate except… well, I guess we’ll find out.  From what I can see online, the same info is on both.

The lovely lady that called (and can I say, government workers in Canada could take lessons from the manners and politeness of the UK government workers… REALLY!) said that she would consider it.  But unless The Doctor pops by with his TARDIS, how am I going to go back in time to tell my parents to get a proper copy of the act and save it for me till now (43 years later)??  Not sure what else I can do.  Hope this works!

Plan B is being examined.  Just in case.

I know I am eligible for the British passport… there is no question.  I meet the requirements completely, as clean cut a case as can be imagined… we’re not entirely sure why the new document is being requested other than the crack downs on immigration in the UK and maybe they have a quota of “problems” to find.  No idea.  But it is additional expense and waiting time.  And with the move looming in two weeks, it’s starting to get a little stressful to be dealing with this after waiting almost three months with no word from them.  But we’ll just through their hoops if it makes them feel better. 🙂

My Hunny’s passport application is being stalled though he was born on British soil to British parents because they want a statement from him that states WHY he’s applying from Canada.  (Um, because that’s where he lives now??) So we have to do that too… so it really does make me think that they have to look like they are being picky to satisfy those in the country that would say they are too lax in their work.  I’m hoping it means only a short delay.  S’all good though.. we’re still on schedule, we still have a few months, and our leaving date is flexible anyhow.

But just in case, we’ve decided to put our main furniture into storage rather than get rid of it like originally planned, just in case… just in case… no sense in off-loading in haste, repenting at leisure. LOL!

So, it’s the paperwork waiting game.  And she called us while we were on the road so we were unable to get it done on Friday, and there is nothing at all either of us can do until Monday morning, so we’ll just hang out this weekend and try to make sense of boxes.  (I hate boxes.  Boxes are evil.)

Have a GLORIOUS weekend everyone!  It’s one of the last this summer… make the most of it – SNOW is on it’s way soon! 😉

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Provided For…

I know I’ve mentioned before that we are a Christian family.  Well, part of being Christian means we have to have a measure of faith that God has good plans for us and goes before us.  In fact, there is a verse in the Bible that says God can do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20) and you know what?  That’s exactly how this whole move has played out.

Last autumn we had a bit of a financial set back.  Fast forward to this summer when we sold the house… we made more than we would have expected to get LAST summer when we first spoke to the Realtor!!  MORE than we imagined… and FAR more than we were set back.  Thank you, Lord!  Now we can pay our bank loan off, and any other creditors so that we can start this new chapter of our lives without the bondage of debt. 

Last week was particularly challenging for us as we came to the realisation that we’d been black listed to the family we were hoping on being able to get my husband boarded with while he went about his job search in a mere two months.  Wow.  Now it’s going to mean hotels or b&bs which we really hadn’t figured on needing to pay (we were going to offer a room and board amount to whoever would have helped him out, but we were NOT expecting to have to take from our safety net savings to cover full time hotels and three meals a day at restaurants and the likes. Yikes!)  AND we would still be maintaining a household here for myself and our two smaller children.  How would we do it?!?  Well, again, the Lord got their first and knew what He had in store for us.  When we sold our house rather faster than we expected, we were thinking we’d have to rent some place here temporarily (paying bills here) till my Hunny finds work.  But instead, we were offered a lovely cottage to use… and though I expected to pay at least a minimal amount rent to the generous mother of my best friend – NO… she’ll hear nothing of the sort.  She asked if we’d be willing to help her out by staining her back deck (ya, a few days of healthy labour in the cool September weather – no problem!)  That’s it.  Thank you again, Lord!

That means that the money we aren’t spending here, will help cover my Hunny there!  God knew, He knew how my Hunny’s family would react, He knew we’d be in need… and before we even knew our own need, He was making a way for it all to work out.

We feel so blessed.

It’s been a rough time as I’m very angry at the audacity of my Hunny’s family.  What right did they think they had to do such a thing?  What kind of parent goes purposely out of their way to sabotage their children’s success???  I must be a very different kind of person because not only would I never do that to one of my own children, I would never do that to ANYONE.  Not even them after all this… it’s just not right.  The world needs more encouragers and a whole lot less naysayers.

At least that’s my humble opinion.

Oh, and on a great note too:  I overestimated the space required for the “stuff” I would like to bring to the UK… we’d pre-decided that 18 boxes would be the maximum and I thought, “I will NEVER get everything that I need to into ONLY 18 boxes!!”  Well, My eyes must be bigger than my boxes… or is that my boxes are bigger than my eyes?  Because I am sitting here with only 8 boxes done, and I have packed more than .. wayyyyy more than half my stuff.  As in, what on earth am I going to fill these other 12 boxes with?!?!?  I know I can’t do bedding (sheets) because of bed sizes, but I’m thinking maybe blankets might be more “flexible” .  And of course there is winter coats and snowpants for the kids (do kids in the UK wear snowpants or is snowpant-worthy snow too rare?  No idea.)  And, OF COURSE, there is the non-electric kitchen gadgets… I can bring soooooo many now!

Life is good. 😉

AND passports (yes, those tappity-tap-tap passports which are STILL not here) are finally to the top of the pile.  We got an email this afternoon to confirm our mailing address before they dispatch them.  So I am guessing sometime next week we should have them (takes only a few days for the DHL guy) – and that will be a HUGE relief to finally have them in our little hands.  AND our original documents too, so we can renew/apply for our Canadian passports for trips back across the pond in future.

And we’re moving along!  (but now I really DO have to get back to packing.  Sorry. 😉 )

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