Dear Family and Friends

Dear Family and Friends,

When we share this link with you – or should you stumble on this blog and recognize our faces – we ask a favour of you. Before calling us and telling us we’re mad after reading the above post,  please read the whole blog.  Just keep clicking on “newer post” at the bottom of each post. There aren’t so many posts that you can’t get through them in a reasonable amount of time.  We need  you to fully understand where our minds and hearts are at before you decide we’ve fallen off our rockers in this plan. 

We also ask that you note the dates.  This is not a decision we are making on a whim.  It has been a long time that we’ve been praying, researching, planning, dreaming of this.  We wonder, if you had a dream, if you worked hard for that dream to become a reality, how would you want those you love to react when you decided to share that dream?  You’d probably be hurt, disappointed, and insulted if we immediately bashed your dream to smithereens without any consideration as to how hard you have worked towards achieving that dream, right?  Now please consider that as well before stating your opinions of our dreams.  Though we don’t always agree with others’ dreams, it doesn’t give us the right to stomp on those dreams.

As to those dates… why didn’t we tell you right from the start? Well, it was a dream… a dream we are turning into our reality.  We couldn’t really say when it all became etched in stone – and maybe it still isn’t!  Maybe we’re trying to trust that the Lord is directing our steps in this direction, and who knows?  Maybe one day He’ll direct them back this way or He’ll direct us somewhere else instead.  But to jump the gun, while the dream was still so new and uncertain, is silly.  That is why you are reading about this now and not months ago.  Please try to understand.

Concerned caution, shared gently and with encouragement and kindness, is the order of the day.  

Now please, enjoy the read…

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