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Falling Into Place

SO, remember when I said that this move seemed SO far away (I think it was about a year ago)… well, it’s this WEEK!  Part of it, anyhow.  We’re doing things very methodically, not rushing haphazardly into the Great Unknown.  Hunny is flying overseas this Sunday (the 5th), on stand-by (so that date might change if he can’t get a seat on the only plane going over that day… but more than likely he’ll be able to get ONE seat) – so it’s really count-down time now.  After he leaves, though we’re not entirely sure when, the Littles and I will be moving closer to our church and friends.  As lovely as it is here, it is also rather isolating.  Much of Canada is like that, unless you are in the  bigger cities… but more even for us as there are no children around at all, least of all English speaking ones.  Back in town, they have their friends, our church family, and we’ll be a lot less isolated.

This will be probably the hardest part about this move… the separation.  I feel so much for those families who have to be apart as they try to build up their financial requirements for Spousal Visas and the likes.  I mean, we are doing this by choice (to give Hunny more freedom of movement that will hopefully mean he’ll find work that much faster), but some people are stuck with their soul-mate on the other side of an ocean for months and months against their choice.  Sometimes even with children waiting too… (((hug))) to each of you as you face this trial.

Hunny’s freedom comes at a price though, a funny one.  We have NO idea WHERE we are moving to.  No, really… as in, what city we’ll be living in in hopefully just a few months.  It makes it hard to plan and research, I have to say.  This causes ME stress… exciting stress, but stress nonetheless.  Will we be in Cardiff, Derby, Devon, York, Glasgow?  No idea… that’s kind of exciting, but also kind of scary.  I can’t plan.  I’m a planner by nature.  LOL!  This is like free-falling.  But I have faith it’ll all work out.

SO, we have our British Passports, as you know.  We have our Canadian Passports for visits back home.  We have Hunny’s travel date.  We have faith.  Sounds like we’re right on track! 🙂


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One more needed for a matched set!

And here's another one!

And here’s another one!

SO… on the passport front, it’s only mine that is missing.  There are many roads to take to get this “done” – so we’re exploring all of them.  When we’re done, our Bigs will be applying together (since they’ll need their dad’s birth certificate to apply, and right now that hasn’t been returned from HMPO, but as soon as it does…)  but theirs will be just for the principle of thing the thing right now as both are committed to school for the next two or three years… at least.

We’re moving this weekend… to temporary lodgings… so that when it is time to go, we can just go.  We’re SO excited!!!

(on a side note: ain’t that just the handsomest guy ever???  Check out those beautiful eyes… *DREAMY!* )

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Two Down – Two To Go

And then there were two...

And then there were two…

Yep, another passport came in… and we do expect Hunny’s before too long.  Mine, however, is stalled till I can get some more proof that my father is my father.  ?? Anyhow *shrug* whatever.  I’ll just through the hoops.  What bothers me most is that because they have all our original documents, I’m forced to reapply for a second copy of my marriage certificate, so I can reapply for a second copy of my Birth Certificate… to prove … not sure.  But well, I guess it’s always good to have a spare.  I think.

We’ll keep you updated!

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