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He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

AND… the long anticipated, NUMBER ONE reason to move to the UK?

He Said:

To Experience living in the UK before I’m too old to benefit from it and enjoy it properly.  

She Said:

The People.  I know, I know, “Brits are so reserved, cold, and unfriendly” right?  NOT AT ALL.  I found when we were there, beyond our family circle, people were friendly, jovial, kind, and very welcoming.  With the exception of London.  There were some… well, anyhow, I don’t like London and will probably avoid it like the plague when I live over there.  But everywhere else we went people were friendly, helpful, and always willing to strike up a conversation.  Cold? Reserved? Never saw it.  And the BEST part of the people?  Our family – aunts, uncles, cousins, friends-like-family, and most importantly (and hoping that she’s still around) my Hunny’s grandmother who at 100 years old was a spunky little thing that brought such joy to my husband’s heart.  I’d live anywhere to bring him that happiness.

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Financial Setbacks

We were so cool… so calm… so sure.  And then WHOOP!  We lost one of the sources for savings that we had planned.


That isn’t to say we still won’t have savings, but this is a rather substantial chunk out of it.  Enough to make us take pause and see if we can still do this move in the next 14 months.

We need to evaluate the minimum we (as a family of 4 or 5) will need to live on each month, and how many months we need to save for a reasonable safety net till employment can be found.  What is reasonable to for a family our size?

What we figure (UPDATED per counsel from the amazing people on the BE forum)

600 – rent
100 – council tax
50 – water/sewage
150 – electricity/gas
70 – cell phones (2 phones)
50 – internet
15 – TV licence
50 – insurance on our stuff?
30 – charity shop clothing
600 – food (for 4 or 5)
100 – transportation (one bus pass for Hunny, occasional trips for the rest of us)

£1815 per month. still leaves us almost £200 in “misc” money a month if we can clear £2000 a month. 

Things payable up front (and then I guess saving for throughout the year might be the bus pass, and the TV licence – first payment to come out of our savings) PLUS we’ll be buying basic furniture when we arrive (nothing fancy, I assure you!)

Now, with NO debt to pay at all (we’ll be paying all our debt off here before we pondhop, and living frugally.)  At the tax calculator it says that we will need a salary of £31,500 to get by.  No idea if that is reasonable for my Hunny or not… how on earth do we find out?

Any feedback?  Please?

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He Said – She Said: Top Ten Reasons to Move to the UK

Reason number TWO:

He Said:

To get away from Canadian winters – especially from shovelling all that snow!  It seems as I’ve gotten older (I’m only in my 40’s) that every year it wears me down more and more to be shovelling snow almost every day for half the year.  Canadian winters age people.

She Said:

Travel Options – I live about an hour and a half drive from both Ottawa and Montreal.  Sounds great right?  But that’s ALL I”m close to.  Toronto?  5 hours drive.  And the rest of this wonderful country of Canada?  Oh, don’t even ask.  It’s about Quality vs. Quantity.  There is a LOT of Quantity here in Canada – open space, big houses, long distances… but I prefer Quality – close comforts, cozy houses, short travel distances.  And short distances mean we can hop a train and travel within a couple of hours to completely different area with a whole different historical experience to discover.  We can take a weekend trip and visit BATH, or LONDON, or even SCOTLAND… that’s just too much!  I found it funny when I was in the UK that people were panicked over someone living “half an hour away” – and maybe my Canadian upbringing will be my biggest blessing living over the pond.  I have a different perspective on distance.  Derby to Manchester is barely a weekend trip – it could even be a DAY trip!  Not every week, but yes, you could pop over on the train spend the day touring and then pop back on the late train.  Why not?  Travel is going to be my “next best thing”.

Are you wondering what our NUMBER ONE REASON for moving the UK is?  Tune in NEXT week!! 🙂

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